Inherently Flame Retardant Nylon 6 Nanocomposite Fibers 

Vol. 19,  No. 7, pp. 1500-1512, Jul.  2018


In this study, inherently flame retardant nanocomposite nylon 6 fibers infused with nanoclay and intumescent additives were compounded and melt-spun. Two approaches were adopted to mitigate the loss of mechanical properties typically observed nanocomposite fiber systems: (a) additive particle size reduction; and (b) elastomer toughening of the nanocomposite system. As a result, the ductility of the FR nanocomposite formulations was improved significantly. Structural and morphological characterization of the melt-spun fibers using TEM and XRD demonstrated good dispersion of the additives and exfoliation of the nanoclay platelets. Microscale Combustion Calorimetry analysis demonstrated effective reduction of heat release capacity and thus significant enhancement of flame retardant performance of the compounded fibers.

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H. Wu, M. Krifa, J. H. Koo, "Inherently Flame Retardant Nylon 6 Nanocomposite Fibers," Fibers and Polymers, vol. 19, no. 7, pp. 1500-1512, 2018. DOI: 10.1007/s12221-018-7448-0.

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Hao Wu, Mourad Krifa, and Joseph H. Koo. 2018. Inherently Flame Retardant Nylon 6 Nanocomposite Fibers. Fibers and Polymers, 19, 7, (2018), 1500-1512. DOI: 10.1007/s12221-018-7448-0.