Accepted Papers



These papers are listed in order of submission.


Security Definitions on Time-Lock Puzzles

Daiki Hiraga, Keisuke Hara, Masayuki Tezuka, Yusuke Yoshida, Keisuke Tanaka

Tokyo Institute of Technology


Generative Adversarial Networks based Pseudo-Random Number Generator for Embedded Processors

Hyunji Kim, Yongbeen Kwon, Minjoo Sim, Sejin Lim, Hwajeong Seo

Hansung University


Curve448 on 32-bit ARM Cortex-M4

Hwajeong Seo, Reza Azarderakhsh

Hansung University, Florida Atlantic University


A Sub-linear Lattice-based Submatrix Commitment

Huang Lin, Yuguang Fang 

Mercury's Wing & Suterusu project, University of Florida


(Quantum) Cryptanalysis of Misty schemes

Aline Gouget, Jacques Patarin, Ambre Toulemonde

Thales DIS, University of Versailles


Can a Differential AttackWork for an Arbitrarily Large Number of Rounds?

Nicolas Courtois, Jean-Jacques Quisquater

University College London, UCL DICE/Crypto Group


PIPO: A Lightweight Block Cipher with Efficient Higher-Order Masking Software Implementations

Hangi Kim, Yongjin Jeon, Giyoon Kim, Jongsung Kim, Bo-Yeon Sim, Dong-Guk Han, Hwajeong Seo, Seonggyeom Kim, Seokhie Hong, Jaechul Sung, Deukjo Hong

Kookmin University, Hansung University, Korea University, Jeonbuk National University


Federated Learning in Side-Channel Analysis

Huanyu Wang, Elena Dubrova

KTH Royal Institute of Technology


Key Mismatch Attack on ThreeBears, Frodo and Round5

Jan Vacek, Jan Václavek



An Efficient Authenticated Key Exchange from Random Self-Reducibility on CSIDH

Tomoki Kawashima, Katsuyuki Takashima, Yusuke Aikawa, Tsuyoshi Takagi

The University of Tokyo, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation


A New Non-random Property of 4.5-Round PRINCE

Bolin Wang, Chan Song, Wenling Wu, Lei Zhang

Institute of Software Chinese Academy of Sciences


Efficient Implementation of SHA-3 Hash Function on 8-bit AVR-based Sensor Nodes

Youngbeom Kim, Hojin Choi, Seog Chung Seo

Kookmin University


A RDBMS-based Bitcoin Analysis System

Hyunsu Mun, Youngseok Lee, Soohyun Kim

Chungnam National University


Secret Sharing with Statistical Privacy and Computational Relaxed Non-Malleability

Tasuku Narita, Fuyuki Kitagawa, Yusuke Yoshida, Keisuke Tanaka

Tokyo Institute of Technology, NTT Secure Platform Laboratories


Differential Fault based Key Recovery Attacks on TRIAD

Iftekhar Salam, Kim Young Law, Luxin Xue, Wei-Chuen Yau

Xiamen University Malaysia


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