Maison Glad Jeju

You can reserve the Maison Glad Jeju with the below rates. Please call the reservation team of the hotel (Tel: +82-64-747-4900).

* Reservation may not be possible due to the limited number of rooms

Date 01/11 01/12 01/13 01/14
Rate KRW 140,000 KRW 140,000 KRW 140,000 KRW 160,000

All Inclusive Resort Hotel for Valuable Travelers

Boasting its 40 years of history and tradition, MAISON GLAD JEJU is a space for customers who want special experience in Jeju. We pursue to be a FULL FACILITY HOTEL, providing customers with luxury hotel experience.

“MAISON” means home in French, and therefore MAISON GLAD JEJU HOTEL offers real comfort to the customer just as home does in a strange place and minimize fatigue on the business travel.

To enjoy Jeju with convenience and comfort, come to MAISON GLAD JEJU, a hotel created by people knows about Jeju better than anyone else to provide exquisite stay experience


MAISON GLAD JEJU HOTEL is a space for customers who want special experience in Jeju. Consisting of 457 rooms and 56 suite rooms, it avoids meaningless extravagance while pursuing valuable LUXURY. In addition, the hotel is optimized for the needs of customers who set much value on functions, brand philosophy, and reasonable prices.

Unlike stereotyped, featureless hotels, it provides local foods and unique services that can be experienced only in the region. This luxurious resort provides comfort as if visiting a close friend’s home, with practical functions, reasonable price, and warm-hearted and wit services.


As MAISON GLAD JEJU HOTEL has been with Jeju for about 40 years, it knows about the island better than anyone else. The hotel is a shelter for travelers and a favorite space for local people. To deliver the hotel’s unique story, it keeps its symbols such as emblem and foundation stones and upcycle the furniture from Grand Hotel, emphasizing the succession of heritage.

MAISON GLAD JEJU HOTEL offers a variety of cultural events. In its convention hall, one of the largest convention halls in Jeju, concerts are held on a regular basis and cultural programs combined with hotel contents are operated, playing a role of a culture center for Jeju people. In addition, it suggests unique artistic atmosphere with a wide selection of art pieces provided by Daelim Contemporary Art Museum.

Location : Jeju International Airport → MAISON GLAD JEJU

Gonghang-ro→ Doryeong-ro → Singwang-ro Total distance : 3.5km | Time required, : Approx 10min


Departure from the large bus parking lot at Airport C-10 → Arrival at hotel

※ Regular shuttle schedule: 7:30 / 8:30 / 9:30 / 10:30 / 11:30 / 13:30 / 14:30 / 15:30 / 16:30 / 18:30 / 19:30 / 20:30 ( 22/06/ 2019 ~ )

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