Main Program

Wednesday (2022-11-30)
KST 09:40 –09:50
UTC 12:40 –12:50
Opening Remarks
KST 10:00 –11:00
UTC 01:00 –02:00
[Invited Talk I]
(Session Chair : Prof. Seung-Hyun Seo (Hanyang University))
Title: Privacy and Transparency withBlockchain in the Era of Big Data, Machine Learning, IoT, and 5G
Prof. Elisa Bertino (Purdue University)
KST 11:00 –11:10
UTC 02:00 –02:10
Break Time
KST 11:10 –12:00
UTC 02:10 –03:00
Session 1:Cryptanalysis I
(Session Chair : Prof. SeogChung Seo (Kookmin University))
See-In-The-Middle Attacks on BlockciphersARIA and DEFAULT
Jonghyun Park and Jongsung Kim
Implicit Key-stretching Security ofEncryption Schemes
Jannis Bossert, Eik List and StefanLucks
KST 12:00 –13:30
UTC 03:00 –04:30
Break Time (Lunch Time in Korea)
KST 13:30 –14:20
UTC 04:30 –05:20
Session 2:Cryptanalysis II
(Session Chair : Prof. Jaehong Seo (Hanyang University))
Related-Key Differential Cryptanalysis ofGMiMC Used in Post-Quantum Signatures
Shiyao Chen, Chun Guo, Jian Guo, Li Liu,Meiqin Wang, Puwen Wei and Zeyu Xu
Impossible Differential Cryptanalysis onReduced-Round PRINCEcore
Li Zhang, Wenling Wu and Yongxia Mao
KST 14:20 –14:30
UTC 05:20 – 05:30
KST 14:30 –15:45
UTC 05:30 –06:45
Session 3:Cyber Security
(Session Chair : Dr. Kimoon Kim (Korea Internet & Security Agency))
Towards Constructing Consistent PatternStrength Meters with User's Visual Perception
Leo Hyun Park, Eunbi Hwang, Donggun Leeand Taekyoung Kwon
Exploring Encrypted Keyboards to DefeatClient-Side Scanning in End-to-End Encryption Systems
Mashari Alatawi and Nitesh Saxena
Differential Testing of CryptographicLibraries with Hybrid Fuzzing
Hoyong Jin, Dohyeon An and TaekyoungKwon
KST 15:45 –16:00
UTC 06:45 – 07:00
KST 16:00 –17:15
UTC 07:00 –08:15
Session 4: AppliedCryptography
(Session Chair : Prof. Wonsuk Choi (Hansung University))
PublicKey Encryption with Hierarchical Authorized Keyword Search
Zi-YuanLiu, Chu-Chieh Chien, Yi-Fan Tseng, Raylin Tso and Masahiro Mambo
Private Evaluation of a Decision Tree basedon Secret Sharing
Mohammad Nabil Ahmed and Kana Shimizu
Reputation at Stake! A Trust Layer overDecentralized Ledger for Multiparty Computation and Reputation-Fair Lottery
Mario Larangeira
KST 10:00 –10:50
UTC 01:00 –01:50
Session 5:Fault and Side-Channel Attack
(Session Chair : Dr. Yousung Kang (ETRI))
Key-recovery by side-channel information on the matrix-vector product in code-based cryptosystems
Boly Seck, Pierre-Louis Cayrel, Brice Colombier, Kalen Couzon, Idy Diop, Vlad-Florin Dragoi, and Vincent Grosso
Differential Fault Attack on AES usingMaximum Four Bytes Faulty Ciphertexts
Jae-Won Huh and Dong-Guk Han
KST 10:50 –11:00
UTC 01:50 –02:00
Break Time
KST 11:00 –12:00
UTC 02:00 –03:00
[Invited Talk II]
(Session Chair : Prof. Hwajeong Seo (Hansung University))
Title: Implementing Kyber and Dilithium
Dr. Matthias J. Kannwischer(Academia Sinica)
KST 12:00 –13:30
UTC 03:00 –04:30
Break Time (Lunch Time in Korea)
KST 13:30 –14:45
UTC 04:30 –05:45
Session 6:Efficient Implementation
(Session Chair : Dr. Taehwan Park (National Security Research Institute))
APerformance Evaluation of IPsec with Post-Quantum Cryptography
SeungyeonBae, Yuseong Chang, Hyeongjin Park, Minseo Kim and Youngjoo Shin
AnUltrafast Cryptographically Secure Pseudorandom Number Generator
JianliangZheng and Jie Li
Time-Efficient Finite FieldMicroarchitecture Design for Curve448 and Ed448 on Cortex-M4
Mila Anastasova, Reza Azarderakhsh,Mehran Mozaffari Kermani and Lubjana Beshaj
KST 14:45 –15:00
UTC 05:45 –06:00
KST 15:00 –16:15
UTC 06:00 –07:15
Session 7:Signature Schemes I
(Session Chair : Dr. Dongyoung Roh (National Security Research Institute))
Pointcheval-SandersSignature-Based Synchronized Aggregate Signature
Masayuki Tezuka and Keisuke Tanaka
Trapdoor Sanitizable andRedactable Signatures with Unlinkability, Invisibility and Strong Context-Hiding
Masahito Ishizaka, KazuhideFukushima and Shinsaku Kiyomoto
Group Testing AggregateSignatures with Soundness
Shingo Sato, Junji Shikataand Tsutomu Matsumoto
KST 16:15 –16:30
UTC 07:15 –07:30
Break Time
KST 16:30 –17:20
UTC 07:30 –08:20
Session 8:Signature Schemes II
(Session Chair : Prof. Haehyun Cho (Soongsil University))
Attribute-Based Signatures for Range ofInner Product and Its Applications
Masahito Ishizaka and Kazuhide Fukushima
Identity-based Interactive AggregateSignatures from Lattices
Shingo Sato and Junji Shikata
KST 17:20 –18:00
UTC 08:20 –09:00
Break Time
KST 18:00 –20:30
UTC 09:00 –11:30
KST 10:00 –10:50
UTC 01:00 –01:50
Session 9:Post-Quantum Cryptography I
(Session Chair : Prof. Suhri Kim (Sungshin Women's University))
Analysis of (U,U+V)-code Problem with Gramianover Binary and Ternary Fields
Ichiro Iwata, Yusuke Yoshida and Keisuke Tanaka
A Message Recovery Attack on LWE/LWR-BasedPKE/KEMs Using Amplitude-Modulated EM Emanations
Ruize Wang, Kalle Ngo and Elena Dubrova
KST 10:50 –11:10
UTC 01:50 –02:10
Break Time
KST 11:10 –12:00
UTC 02:10 –03:00
Session 10:Post Quantum Cryptography II
(Session Chair : Prof. Kwangsu Lee (Sejong University))
Preimage Sampling in the Higher-bitApproximate Setting With a Non-spherical Gaussian Sampler
Anaëlle Le Dévéhat, Shingo Hasegawa and Hiroki Shizuya
WOTSwana: A Generalized Sleeve Constructionfor Multiple Proofs of Ownership
David Chaum, Mario Larangeira and MarioYaksetig