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| Invited Talk

Title Presenter
Privacy and Transparency withBlockchain in the Era of Big Data, Machine Learning, IoT, and 5G
Prof. Elisa Bertino (Purdue University)
Implementing Kyber and Dilithium
Dr. Matthias J. Kannwischer(Academia Sinica)

| Session 1

Title Presenter Abstract File
See-In-The-Middle Attacks on BlockciphersARIA and DEFAULT
Jonghyun Park and Jongsung Kim
Implicit Key-stretching Security ofEncryption Schemes
Jannis Bossert, Eik List and StefanLucks

| Session 2

Title Presenter Abstract File
Related-Key Differential Cryptanalysis ofGMiMC Used in Post-Quantum Signatures
Shiyao Chen, Chun Guo, Jian Guo, Li Liu,Meiqin Wang, Puwen Wei and Zeyu Xu
Impossible Differential Cryptanalysis onReduced-Round PRINCEcore
Li Zhang, Wenling Wu and Yongxia Mao

| Session 3

Title Presenter Abstract File
Towards Constructing Consistent PatternStrength Meters with User's Visual Perception
Leo Hyun Park, Eunbi Hwang, Donggun Leeand Taekyoung Kwon
Exploring Encrypted Keyboards to DefeatClient-Side Scanning in End-to-End Encryption Systems
Mashari Alatawi and Nitesh Saxena
Differential Testing of CryptographicLibraries with Hybrid Fuzzing
Hoyong Jin, Dohyeon An and TaekyoungKwon

| Session 4

Title Presenter Abstract File
PublicKey Encryption with Hierarchical Authorized Keyword Search
Zi-YuanLiu, Chu-Chieh Chien, Yi-Fan Tseng, Raylin Tso and Masahiro Mambo
Private Evaluation of a Decision Tree basedon Secret Sharing
Mohammad Nabil Ahmed and Kana Shimizu
Reputation at Stake! A Trust Layer overDecentralized Ledger for Multiparty Computation and Reputation-Fair Lottery
Mario Larangeira

| Session 5

Title Presenter Abstract File
Key-recovery by side-channel information on the matrix-vector product in code-based cryptosystems
Boly Seck, Pierre-Louis Cayrel, Brice Colombier, Kalen Couzon, Idy Diop, Vlad-Florin Dragoi, and Vincent Grosso
Differential Fault Attack on AES usingMaximum Four Bytes Faulty Ciphertexts
Jae-Won Huh and Dong-Guk Han

| Session 6

Title Presenter Abstract File
APerformance Evaluation of IPsec with Post-Quantum Cryptography
SeungyeonBae, Yuseong Chang, Hyeongjin Park, Minseo Kim and Youngjoo Shin
AnUltrafast Cryptographically Secure Pseudorandom Number Generator
JianliangZheng and Jie Li
Time-Efficient Finite FieldMicroarchitecture Design for Curve448 and Ed448 on Cortex-M4
Mila Anastasova, Reza Azarderakhsh,Mehran Mozaffari Kermani and Lubjana Beshaj

| Session 7

Title Presenter Abstract File
Pointcheval-SandersSignature-Based Synchronized Aggregate Signature
Masayuki Tezuka and Keisuke Tanaka
Trapdoor Sanitizable andRedactable Signatures with Unlinkability, Invisibility and Strong Context-Hiding
Masahito Ishizaka, KazuhideFukushima and Shinsaku Kiyomoto
Group Testing AggregateSignatures with Soundness
Shingo Sato, Junji Shikataand Tsutomu Matsumoto

| Session 8

Title Presenter Abstract File
Attribute-Based Signatures for Range ofInner Product and Its Applications
Masahito Ishizaka and Kazuhide Fukushima
Identity-based Interactive AggregateSignatures from Lattices
Shingo Sato and Junji Shikata

| Session 9

Title Presenter Abstract File
Analysis of (U,U+V)-code Problem with Gramianover Binary and Ternary Fields
Ichiro Iwata, Yusuke Yoshida and Keisuke Tanaka
A Message Recovery Attack on LWE/LWR-BasedPKE/KEMs Using Amplitude-Modulated EM Emanations
Ruize Wang, Kalle Ngo and Elena Dubrova

| Session 10

Title Presenter Abstract File
Preimage Sampling in the Higher-bitApproximate Setting With a Non-spherical Gaussian Sampler
Anaëlle Le Dévéhat, Shingo Hasegawa and Hiroki Shizuya
WOTSwana: A Generalized Sleeve Constructionfor Multiple Proofs of Ownership
David Chaum, Mario Larangeira and MarioYaksetig